We're a company of engineers. Programming is our thing. All employees have spent time in the consulting trenches. We'd like to share a bit of knowledge we picked up along the way: for small to mid-sized projects, the overhead incurred by a traditional consulting company serves little purpose. The chief value of the larger IT consulting groups comes when you need someone to:

If you already have a reasonably-sized and well defined project in mind, a smaller company such as H-Bomb should more closely fit your needs. We're experienced with both web-based applications and thick clients. Whether your project is a simple set of MS Access forms or an n-tier enterprise application, we've probably worked on something similar before. We've defined a few metrics for what might make a project appropriate for a company like H-Bomb.

If you think you know what you want, drop a line. A few minutes with a search engine should reveal our contact information. We're not trying to make contacting us a chore but prefer to weed out unserious inquiries. Unlike many firms, we won't charge you to correspond with an engineer. If we can't help you directly, we'll at least point you in the right direction.