H-Bomb Software was founded in May of 2001 with the purpose of providing a better experience with Information Technology. Recruiters, management, sales, HR and the like burden the industry with massive overhead. We've found that excessive infrastructure and middlemen have priced many small businesses out of the market. For projects that don't quite merit the title of 'enterprise', many of these operating expenses are unnecessary.

As the drones who actually architect databases, design web sites and code applications, we're often dismayed to see so many mid-sized businesses failing to take advantage of opportunities afforded by modern technology. Real estate agents lack queryable inventories. Restaurants have no online order forms. Law firms operate without digital document repositories. Most business owners assume that all software is either boilerplate, unaffordable, poorly implemented or some combination of the three. Potential customers are scared off by exorbitantly priced big-name consulting firms or fly by night operations with questionable credibility. A shame: organizational efficiency is the victim when companies dismisses the possibility of custom software.

H-Bomb is able to offer fixed-bid proposals and general inquiries are free. We're staffed entirely by people who have or are currently working in the industry. We're alarmed by the unnecessary costs incurred within the framework of Corporate America and have decided to go freelance.

We can handle intricate programing tasks as well as more static [web page] design. The H-Bomb commune incorporates developers from both sides of the fence. We've worked together closely in the past and are experienced with integrating technically complex solutions with graphically rich presentations. A simple site with minimal functionality can be created for just a couple thousand dollars.