Experimental projects are works in progress or proofs of concept designed to explore a particular idea. A lack of time and resources has inhibited full scale development but users are encouraged to contact us if there's a strong need. If enough people take the time to request something and/or offer to fund development, we'll make it happen. The lack of a 'Contact Us' hyperlink is a deliberate omission intended to weed out the weak. A minimal amount of leg work will uncover communication channels.

Component Conversion Utility

Tired of code generators that create impenetrable code? We can empathize. We at JShift have often been seduced by the Siren Song of Macromedia, Microsoft and other gross violators of code readability standards. FrontPage, FireWorks, InterDev, etc. all give the impression that real programming is best left to the gurus. The rest of us needn't look at actual source files. "Why should we code this HTML form from scratch if [crappy product] can do it for us?" we'd think. Before we knew it, our relatively simple [HTML | Java | C++ | ?] form had become a morass of ActiveX Controls, cryptic subroutines and other unintelligible gibberish. In the unlikely event that the GUI was powerful enough to do everything we needed, all would be well. Unfortunately, we almost always needed to do something beyond the capabilities of the IDE. Time to start from scratch...

We at Iamsoft understand that even intermediate developers need access to well-formatted source code. Nonetheless, everyone wants a tool that can speed up the more tedious aspects of writing programs. To that end, the JShift Component Conversion Utility can quickly generate skeleton code in several different lanuages. It's not as powerful as Rational Rose or most of the other UML tools. Then again, it also won't take more than fifteen minutes or so to learn how to use the product effectively. Oh yeah: the CCU is free.

Generate music/movie/whatever recommendations.

Quickly determine mnemonics for menus.

Syntactically aware find/replace/diff tool.

Stochastic Matrix Analysis Tool
Used to evaluate probability matrices.