Stuff I Hate About Macs

With the advent of virtual machines, Macs have proven themselves solid development workstations. Boot Camp takes them to the next level. I don't hate Macs but a few things really irk me.

Startup sound that can't be disabled except by muting before prior shutdown.

In sensitive situations, I've taken to lugging the maching to the bathroom before activating.

Lost Windows

When I change resolutions or disconnect an external monitor, some windows are irrevocably lost. At least Windows provides a 'Move' option in the application context menu.

One Mouse Button

Join the 21st century. Normal mice are supported but that's no help when using a laptop on the go. The new combination touchpad/button makes things even more painful. Don't even get me started on the limited keyboard...

Hidden Options

Getting TextPad to work with ASCII is a pain. Displaying hidden files requires console. Mac makes full exploration of filesystem difficult.

The Apple Community

It's a computer, not a lifestyle.

Absurd Markups

Base configurations aren't a bad deal. Throw in some RAM and you'll really get ripped off.

Boot Camp drivers

No touchpad right-click? Can't disable two-finger scroll? Macbook Pro + Windows + Dual Monitors = Painful

Floppy MacBook Pro screen

I'd like to lay down to watch movie but gravity is strong enough to close laptop screen.

Auto-create Hidden Files

.DS_Store, .Trashes, etc. Especially annoying with removable media.

Removable media recycling bin

There is no obvious way to free up space on flash drive without emptying trash for entire machine.