Poor Resizing

What to do with all this space? Designing windows that adapt well to resizing takes a little bit of extra effort. It's much easier to fire up a drag and drop designer and just plaster everything on there. In some cases, this may be justified -- quick and dirty apps have their place. A simple rule of thumb, though, is to fix the size of dialogs that don't resize properly. It's silly to allow a user to enlarge a window but to leave the contents at the original size. And when possible, allow users to resize dialogs that have a potential for scrolled fields. Users should be free to allocate screen real estate as they see fit.

A quick corallary: not only should it be possible to resize elements intelligently, but it should be easy as well. In fact, default resizing should strive to anticipate user's needs. If a particular widget is especially likely to require scrolling, it ought to receive excess space. Also, resizing a parent component size reduction should not be constrained by child components that are not already at their minimum size (looking at you, TortoiseSVN).