Overriding Extensions

A user should never be forced to save a file and then rename it via direct filesystem access. Many programs force us to do just such a thing. The most well-known example is Windows Notepad.

Extension Override 1

Extension Override 2

Bonus points for not letting me save an file starting with a period.

A simple yet incorrect solution would be to use a default only when the user fails to specify an extension. This resolution ignores the possibility that the user doesn't want an extension. Also, since Windows '95, users have been able to flout the 8.3 naming convention and may have taken to using abnormally long filenames, perhaps even containing periods. Conceivably, such users could be surprised when the file association for 'Letter to Dr. Foo' or 'Tomatoes for 1.99' are messed up. We believe that the solution for this involves either detecting whether the user has the 'Show All Extensions' feature enabled. This should weed out the novice users. Alternatively, one could use a 'Save As Type' combo box and disable extension overriding when 'All Files' is selected.

Extension Override 3